Steve Kefer USMC receiving awards for brother

CPL Charles Kefer.

PVT George Philmon, United States Army,WWII, Battle of the Bulge.  PVT Philmon fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was captured by the German Army, where he remained a POW for nine months.  Sixty-five years later, members of VFW Post 2423 presented PVT Philmon with all of his campaign medals, ribbons and awards, to include the POW medal and Bronze Star.

PVT Philemon (center) after receiving his awards.

CPL Charles Kefer, United States Army, KIA 1 May 1970, Vietnam.  CPL Kefer was awarded the Silver Star for his actions during a battle that led to his death.  The United States Army simply filed his award away.  Thirty-eight years later, members of VFW Post 2423 presented CPL Kefer's Silver Star to his brother, Steve Kefer, USMC, Vietnam 67-68, during an awards ceremony.

unsung heroes program

Founded in 2008, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2423, the Unsung Heroes Program was formed to seek out and find those Veterans that served this Nation with honor and distinction, yet never received their medals and awards from the United States Military.

Many young brave men and women who stood in harms way over the years have been discharged from the military and never received their medals.  Whether they were overlooked, part of a mass discharge or rapid demobilization, transferred to a hospital or simply poor record keeping.

VFW Post 2423 is committed to locate any military veteran that served in a combat zone and did not receive their medals. Once identified, we will assist in completing the appropriate documentation and work to expedite the process of receiving the medals.

Now, more than ever, it is important to locate those Veterans, especially the WWII and Korean Veterans, to honor their service and pin them with the medals that they earned so many years ago.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2423 conducts a military award ceremony each year during our Veterans Day Ceremony.  The Veteran or their family member is presented with their awards. If you would like to help support this program donations can be sent to: VFW Post 2423, Unsung Heroes Program, PO Box 535, Indian Trail, NC 28079.  To help a Veteran receive their medals contact Commander Brian M. Boze 704-821-9753 or email at                                                                                                         

Some of the Veterans that have been helped by this program: